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You'll never think of a sub the same way again! If you eat a whole one of these too quickly your likely to bust a gut! We take a fresh crusty seeded Italian loaf and stuff it with the hoagie you love. The Italian Hero and the Super Italian are the most poular but we turn any of our hot or cold heroes into Belly Busters!

Home of the Belly Buster


Pizza & Deli


Our customers love our Crispy Chicken Ranch and Taco pizzas along with our many other unique brick oven baked pizzas. The Dennis the Menace and Marmaduke heros are know across the states and the oceans! They pair perfectly with our freshly house made deli salads. And let's not forget the belly buster!! From baked pastas to Chicken & Penne Florentine we're sure you love what ever you choose. Don't forget desert!

Best Pizza in the Poconos